Why I think Potcoin is a fascinating cryptocurrency, and could serve a real purpose

Cats, dogs, moons… and now a pot leaf. All things that feature as a theme for a cryptocurrency. Potcoin being the one with the marijuana leaf on it. I’ve been paying attention to cryptocurrencies

Review: Monoprice Dual-Screen Pop Filter

Have been wanting to grab one of these pop filters for a while now, in a bid to increase the audio quality of my podcasts. This one is the Monoprice Dual-Screen pop filter, available

SmartBell looks like the techy doorbell of my dreams

Doorbells are generally rather simple pieces of technology (and I never thought I’d ever find myself this excited about a ‘new model’). A button is depressed, triggering a sound to be played through a

Awesome aching: My first ever BJJ class

I ache. Yesterday I went out and did something that’s way outside of my usual activities. Anybody who knows me from Ironhammers will now that I’m a complete nerd who writes about video games, so

A snowy church… man it’s cold here at the moment

Alright, there’s the snowy church, I was compelled to taking a photo of it when I walked past it earlier today. But really I just want to whine about how cold it is here

So, here’s why I wish I’d started using Hootsuite earlier…

As the founding member of Ironhammers, I am the chosen one from our small team who manages our various social media accounts; posting updates, stimulating conversation, and letting people know when we’ve posted some

New Google Plus profiles are rather awesome, with giant cover images!

I’ve always liked Google+, but have always made the general complaint that ‘nobody I know uses it’. Then, last week we started using Google Hangouts On Air to broadcast our podcast over at Ironhammers.

After Effects nooby: Playing around to make a video intro for Ironhammers

As anybody who’s bothered about me enough to be reading my blog will know, we make some PC gaming videos that go on YouTube for Ironhammers. As the owner of the site, and its

Slider Widget: Easily Manage Your Volumes in Android

Here’s a little app that I stumbled upon in the Marketplace, or Play Store, recently — and while it’s extremely simple, and very basic in its functions, it’s also totally useful to have installed

Three Ways to Further Promote your Podcast

If you build it, they will come. That’s something that’s true for many aspects of life — and ultimately, I believe it works for podcasting too, with patience and regular content of quality —