Solved: Buffalo Air-Station Wireless-G Drivers (Windows 7 64-bit)

Not the usual type of blog post here, but writing it in the hope that somebody else who’s struggling with the same issue finds it — because finding these drivers was a nightmare, to say the least.

It all began when a protruding WiFi adapter on my girlfriend’s PC was knocked and damaged to point it wasn’t recognised any more. “Don’t worry”, I said, “I’ve got a couple laying about. We’ll just swap it out!”

But it wasn’t that simple, the Buffalo Air-Station Wireless-G (Model: WLI-U2-KG54L) USB adapter that I’d found had no drivers available for 64-bit operating systems. The OS running in this case was Windows 7 x64. 

I frantically set upon Google, in the hope of finding a solution. However, after trundling through many-a-forum posts, I had no luck. The next approach — knowing that the actual wireless chip must be made by somebody other than Buffalo — was to pull it apart and see what chip was inside.

It turned out to be a Broadcom chip, and after a thorough search of their site, I found a driver that worked for the WLI-U2-KG54L on Windows 7 64-bit. So, I’ll host the file here on my blog as well as giving a brief explanation of the installation process.

Method (Should work on Vista or Win 7 64-bit):

  1. Download this small zip file (right-click > save as…).
  2. Extract the files to your desktop or other memorable loacation.
  3. Connect the USB WiFi Adapter.
  4. Head into “Device Manager” to locate the adapter, it’ll likely be listed under “other” as “USB W-LAN” or somehing similar.
  5. Right click the device, then select “Update Driver Software”.
  6. On the next screen, select “Browse my computer for driver software”.
  7. Select the folder which you extracted the files to.
  8. Click next, and you should have a fully-working USB WiFi Adapter.

Hope the time I spent solving and writing this helps at least one person out there who’s also suffering for Buffalo’s lack of continued support of their own products.

If it did help you, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

  • Don

    Hi Bobby,
    Got a semilar problem but happy upon reading your items. After a month of searching solution finally my air station wireless-G works fine now. I wonder that driver works also with 32 bits o/s I have my Win 7 N series 32 bit o/s.many thanks……

    • Bobby Gooding

      Glad it helped you out! :)
      I don’t think it’ll work on a 32-bit OS, though, unfortunately. :(

  • JL

    Didn’t work :( My Windows 7 64-bit just refuses to install the driver.

  • Mike

    Worked a treat, thank you very much. I was beginning to pull out my hair with this problem.

  • Simon

    Thanks allot mate. i don’t know how i would have done it without you.
    works brilliant :)

  • Henri

    Thank you so much Bobby!

    I just got this same WiFi Adapter from a friend who “had those lying around” but faced the same problem of not finding a driver for it on Windows 7 from the Buffalos own websites.

    Fortunately it was way easier googling for me now that you had done all the hard work. :) Although, _almost_ couldn’t find the zip you linked… x)

    But yei, thx! Now I can join the Global Game Jam on the weekend with my desktop pc. ^^

  • sibu

    it is still a nightmare for me ! The damn driver doesn’t install. Try finding the right solution !